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The Soft Story Retrofit at 4250 Lindblade Dr. was a significant project that successfully enhanced the structural integrity and seismic resilience of the building. Our team at Alpha Construction Management executed this retrofit with precision and expertise, delivering outstanding results.

The project included the construction of grade beams and footings, involving the cutting of cement/asphalt, excavation of soil, and the installation of rebar, wood blocking, and concrete. Wood framing was meticulously installed according to the engineered plans, incorporating blocking, CMST, MST, HDUs, and the necessary framing hardware. Shear walls and shear diaphragms were constructed with precision, utilizing blocking or anchor bolts as specified in the approved plans.

The project also encompassed the demolition and removal of dirt, ensuring proper disposal in designated dumpsters or through daily hauling. Stucco and drywall repairs were meticulously executed, with a focus on protecting private property, cars, and surfaces during the removal process. Additionally, three Steel Special Cantilever Column Systems were installed to further strengthen the structure, as per the InverTerra, Inc. design/engineering.

With our expertise and attention to detail, Alpha Construction Management successfully completed the Soft Story Retrofit at 4250 Lindblade Dr. The project now stands as a testament to our commitment to safety, compliance with building codes, and delivering exceptional craftsmanship. The retrofit has significantly improved the building's resilience, providing a more secure and stable environment for its occupants.

Trust Alpha Construction Management to deliver excellence, precise engineering, and exceptional project management in every undertaking.

Project Description

Soft-Story Retrofit

Project Location

4250 Lindblade Dr. 

Los Angeles, CA

Project Duration

3 Months

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