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The 920 California Triplex Development in Venice, California is a remarkable project that showcases modern design and exceptional craftsmanship. This development consists of three attached townhomes, meticulously designed and constructed to offer a unique living experience in the vibrant Venice community.

Each townhome spans approximately 1,600 square feet, providing ample space for comfortable and contemporary living. The design emphasizes open floor plans, maximizing natural light, and creating a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. The inclusion of rooftop decks adds an additional dimension, offering panoramic views of the surrounding neighborhood and serving as a perfect setting for relaxation or entertainment.

At Alpha Construction Management, we take pride in our ability to deliver complete solutions. The 920 California Triplex Development is a testament to our commitment to excellence. We collaborated closely with Jesse Reyes Design, ou design partner, to create a truly distinctive and visually stunning living environment.

From demolition to final inspections, the project was meticulously executed and completed within a span of 10 months. Our team of skilled professionals ensured that every detail was meticulously attended to, ensuring the highest quality standards were met throughout the construction process.

The 920 California Triplex Development stands as a testament to our expertise in crafting contemporary, functional, and aesthetically pleasing residential spaces. With a focus on exceptional design, thoughtful planning, and uncompromising quality, this development embodies our commitment to creating inspiring and sustainable living spaces in the heart of Venice, CA.

Project Description

Triplex Addition

Project Location

920 California Ave

Venice, CA

Project Duration

10 Months

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